Friday, September 7, 2018


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We were sent the Ancient Mineral Magnesium Bath flakes and Magnesium oil for our honest review. I was pleased to discover that these products are of the highest quality. They also are good for your joints. The Magnesium oil is great to spray right onto your joints. The bath flakes are wonderful for a soothing foot soak and calm the nerves, good for your joints and generally good for you. We loved trying these products and give them a 5 out of 5 stars. Take a few minutes and check around their site I think you are going to love all the things there. We did receive this product for our honest review and no monies were exchanged.

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Why buy shoes when you can win them..

One of my cats is a Russian Blue her name is Blue. I got her from my neice - I also have a Bombay cat, a domestic cat and a "pet stray" cat. I once had a very expecting friend who give me a $1000 Persian show cat (I couldn't keep the cat I was super allergic! I was able to bless another friend with her for free :) Years ago I used to pay for a good animal..pedigree, etc.. My Boston Terrier and CockerSpaniel (who I ended up giving to my Dad as he fell in love with her while babysitting for her while I moved.)  I found that many times people for one reason or another have to give up their expensive pet simply because of lifestyle changes. If you are willing to wait you will find some lovely pets My dog is a designer pet LOL.. a new term among celebrities are using for mixed breeds. He's a mutt. They (whoever they are)  consider him a Toy Fox Beagle. The mother was a toy fox and the father a beagle. Living on a backyard farm I go for a good happy pet verses fancy all said If you are looking for pets after Christmas you may find that you can get the pet of your dreams for free .. another way to WIN!

okay.. now onto sweepstakes. Just because you won once in a sweepstakes doesn't mean you can't win again! Instant wins, odd wins and all sweepstakes always check out the rules. You may be able to win several times, Radio contests, weekly draws at local restaurants etc.. check them all out. I know years ago I was able to go to Olive garden about once a week with one site I found.  Since then they changed the rules and I don't even know if the site is up anymore. I also used to win almost daily on a radio show to the point where I used to be embarrassed and let my friends win as I didn't want to call in EVERY DAY!  Be observant sweepstakes are everywhere it could be a site online, a local sweepstake or instant wins, etc.. Always read the rules! Especially those instant wins you will be surprised at how many times you may be missing out just because you didn't know you could win.  Help others win! Share this info with your friends and family! We all win when we help each other and it's more fun to win with a friend!

Here are a few to get you started today...

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017



To order yours go to have acid reflux which can get really uncomfortable for me at times. One thing I do is to watch my diet and to not eat for a few hours before I go to bed. The other thing is to use a wedge under my bed to lift my head which helps with acid reflux. Avacare has a nice selection of wedges and products to help us live a healthier life. They sent us a Bed wedge for our honest review. We noticed that it was made well and also had a nice cover to keep the foam clean. You can also use the wedge in your chair, car or anywhere you would like to be more comfortable. I did receive this product for my honest review and no monies were exchanged.

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Making small shoes big!

Here is one way you can get a shoe that is to tight to fit better. Put on two pairs of socks- 3 if possible.. Nice and thick..then blow dry them this should stretch out your shoe you can also try stretching them by putting long sticks in them - This will take longer but after blow drying them if that doesn’t work try putting in sticks or other large objects and leave them that way for a period of time and see if that works.

What is a bunion?

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